I [Hank Morris] recently discovered a website called translationparty.com. What it is, is some kind of translation device. What it does, is when you put in a phrase for it to translate, it translates to Japanese, then back to English, then back again and so on until the English phrase is literally the same as the Japanese phrase. I decided to “translate” your [Adam Veaner] poem through this device. As it can no longer be said to be your poem, I have renamed it and I shall produce it here for you. This is only a joke. The title shall be “Man, Machine, Food.”

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The Magnificent Human

October 15, 2009

The Magnificent Human

Now see here, as this one has turned away from the pack.
Watch how he uses his bottom teeth,
Scraping away at the flaky white cream,
That hides between two cookies.
A delicious treat.
He discards the brittle cookie shells.

A female sits in her corner and eats many doughnuts.
Perhaps forming a layer of fat to keep warm
For the long and celibate winter.

We see our first specimen at a different meal time, once again in company.
Observe how they eat together, but share none of their food.
Notice how he uses a long plastic stick as a tool.
He has now figured out how to drink,
Without spilling the ice.
He discards the ice and cup.

Pan back to the female now and focus on her hands.
She has figured out a new use for that plastic tool.
She has inserted it into the doughnut,
And is sucking the jelly out. Clearly,
It will be a harsh winter, and all precautions must be made.
This is truly a fascinating event.

Adam Veaner

I had a dream about doughnuts and woke up and wrote this. I don’t know if I think it is good or not, but it is definitely one of darker poems I have written.  But really, this was just excuse to post this great photo of a girl eating a doughnut. Photo by D Sharon Pruitt.