The Auteurs

October 18, 2009

Great films for FREE.

This is a great site that was recommended by my friend Hank a few months back. I watched Harakiri on it a while back and it sparked a month long spree of watching only Japanese films. I’d suggest signing up. It is free and it is a good network to be part of.


La Conversation

October 16, 2009

“La Conversation” or “The Weekend” in English. Is a French film from the 1970’s that is revered as a classic and pioneering work that invented the “waist and above” shot when people are naked.
Hank Morris
May Morrison
Nathan Deming

The Books

October 15, 2009

I saw The Books a few weeks ago at the Luminary Arts Center in St. Louis. It was a really wonderful show. This video was played behind them as they recreated the soundtrack. It made me realize that listening to The Books on CD is only getting half of the experience.

Jules Et Jim

October 14, 2009

Jules Et Jim is a 1962 French New Wave film directed by François Truffaut. My school, Webster University, screened it a few weeks ago and this scene really blew me away. Take into account that every man in the room is in love with the woman singing, and each has been with her at separate times. The actress singing is Jeanne Moreau.